Girls With Vision


Girls with Vision is a workshop that helps teenage girls to organize their goals at the start of the new year. We believe, if you can see it, you can accomplish it with proper planning! 

Love Thyself


Love Thyself is a workshop that teaches teenage girls to be comfortable in their own skin.  At this workshop, our Founder does her signature “mirror check” demonstration in order to promote self-love and self-respect. 

Pillows, Pajamas & Girl Talk


Pillows, Pajamas & Girl Talk is an empowerment workshop where a group of speakers come together to talk to teenage girls about life struggles. Different topics includes self-work, personal hygiene, Faith & Purity, Mental Health & Entrepreneurship   

At this workshop, “I promise to myself” ceremony is conducted in order to promote purity. 

Girl, I’m Listening


Girl, I’m Listening is a mental health workshop for teenage girls. Sometimes, life becomes so busy that we forget that our teenage girls just want to be heard.  

At the empowerment event, a mental health professional brings awareness to the teenage girls about different mental illnesses and teaches the girls how to manage stress as a teenager. 

She Means Business


She means Business is an entrepreneurship and financial literacy workshop.  

Girl Talk